T Mobile delivers reliable cell service to a large portion of the UK but many of us frequently find areas with weak T-Mobile cell phone signals. Areas like the inside of a home, office, hotel, or in extremely rural or congested urban areas can experience weak signal or even an area called “dead zone” where you don’t get any mobile signal.

T-Mobile was originally launched as “Mercury One2One” in 1999. It served as a popular telecom service provider from 1999 to 2009 in the UK. In 2009 T-Mobile and EE UK Limited formed the largest mobile network operator in the UK. Until February 2015 EE continued to offer services under T-Mobile brand name. Later it released the same services under its own name.

To date, T-Mobile consumers use EE 2g and 3G services. T-Mobile is also not an exception to the low signal areas and dead zones. T-Mobile customers face connectivity and call dropping challenges in these areas. We solve the connectivity issues of the T-mobile customers with our award-winning T-mobile signal boosters.

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In case you can’t decide which T-mobile signal booster to buy you can always contact us and we will help you choose the best T-mobile signal booster for your need.