ID Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). They don’t have their own spectrums. iD mobile use the spectrums of EE mobile network. They offer 3G and 4G services using the EE mobile network. Hence, the mobile boosters which work on the EE network also work for iD mobile network. So, if you want to buy an iD Signal Booster you can choose from our EE signal boosters. They work perfectly to enhance your iD mobile signal issues.

iD Mobile Signal Booster

Our iD mobile signal boosters are proof of all good things put together to deliver you the best experience. We have boosters that work on signal band, dual-band, and Tri-Band. Also, we have a variety of boosters which cover different area sizes. For instance, we have boosters that cover 300 Square meters up to 5000 square meters. So, you can choose from our range of iD signal boosters based on how much area you want to cover.

Also, the boosters have different capacities. For instance, some boosters which cover 300 square meters area can serve up to 6 users at a time, whereas the boosters which cover 500 square meter area can serve 10 users simultaneously. For bigger properties spread in more than 500 square meters, we have boosters that cover 1000 square meters and 5000 square meters. The boosters which cover 1000 square meters can serve up to 25 users at a time whereas the boosters which cover 5000 square meters can serve 250 users simultaneously.

Our iD phone signal boosters are built to work with the frequencies of the EE network spectrum. Our signal boosters are loved by the customers because of their unmatchable quality and ease of use. It takes only 15 minutes to install our iD signal boosters and use them. The boosters come with a complete kit including everything you need to install and use the product.

Though the boosters are easy screw-fix items, in case you face any problem installing them our dedicated 24/7 support team can assist you. We offer a one-month money-back guarantee on all our products. So, you can try our products without any hesitation.

How an iD Signal Booster can Help You Eliminate Your Signal Issues?

iD signal boosters are built to work on the exact same frequencies used by the EE network to provide its 2G, 3G, and 4G services. So, they work perfectly on the same frequencies and help boost the signals where the strength is weak or having no EE network at all. Many of our customers living in dead zones where there was no signal from the EE network after using our iD signal booster can now make and receive their calls without dropping. Even they experience super-fast 3G and 4G browsing on their mobile phones.

Why our Boosters are Rated as the Best iD Mobile Signal Booster

The online shops are inundated with cheap signal boosters that don’t conform to the specifications of Ofcom and also not CE certified. But, we only sell products that follow the guidelines of Ofcom and conform to their specifications to be used in the United Kingdom. The problem with cheap products is that they are not very reliable. And they often cause more problems than providing solutions to consumers.

But, our boosters are of very high quality and have been tested a hundred times before they are shipped. We are so confident about the products that we offer one year of free warranty on all our products. Our boosters work in every weather condition and never fail. 3.7 million happy customers globally are testimony of the quality of products. 70% of our business is through word of mouth referrals. This clearly tells the confidence and trust of our customers in our products. Our customer’s trust and satisfaction is our first priority.

Buy an iD Signal Booster today based on how much area and users you want to cover and bid adieu to the signal problems. If you need any help or have any questions contact us and we will help you with everything.