Max 25 users
Ideal for larger properties, offices, homes, small buildings. This mobile signal booster can cover an area upto 1000 sqm

Installing and using a Mobile Signal Booster is the best option for you to have uninterrupted mobile voice and data. In UK many areas have low and very poor cellular network which results in frequent call drops, interruption in web browsing, sometimes you are Greeted with “No Network” message on your mobile.

Since, mobile has become the most essential device for us which helps us keep connected with friends, family, business associates etc., on the go, but with poor network coverage and frequent call drops its quite irritating and frustrating.

To help you get super quality mobile signal and full network coverage there are a lot of mobile signal boosters are available in the market. These mobile signal boosters receive the signal from the cellular towers and the amplifiers built in the mobile signal booster amplifies and transmits it to the area which have low or poor signal coverage. offers many types of mobile signal booster. The range of these mobile signal boosters covers areas from 300 sqm to 5000 sqm.

Mobile signal booster 1000 Sqm is best for small offices and small buildings where 25 users can use it for better signal quality and speed of mobile data.

So, depending on your requirement and the area you want to cover you can choose the best mobile signal booster for yourself. Best part of these mobile signal boosters is that they are very easy to install and you can install them in less than 20 minutes and enjoy excellent mobile network and experience best quality voice and internet data.